Maceor was born Henry Maceor Williams to Kimberly and Jonathan Dennis in Perry, Georgia November 13, 1984. His parents couldn’t make thing work so they separated two years later and his mother moved back to Detroit to be with her family. Maceor was raise in a home with a lot of relatives and never had a moment of quite so he found his solace in music. It was here were Maceor was introducing too many kinds of music. He was always intrigue by the sound of music and was exposing too many different Genres like country, jazz, rock, R&B techno, and hip hop to name a few. Maceor attended many schools in Detroit, but it was at Northwestern High school where he would hone his craft by being trained in Drama, Opera, and instrumental music. ..The Best is soon to come for Maceor so stay tuned and listen to some goodness.


Mad Glad

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432 Constitution Ave
Camarillo, CA 93012

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