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ONE HEART (Professional Vocalist):

Professional vocalist Andi, or One Heart, has been working the circuit for approximately 15 years now. With international experience, this act has been carefully honed over the years to what some have described as 'perfection'!

With an extensive repertoire of over 5000 songs, One Heart is suitable for all types of venue or occasion; and can cater for almost all styles of music - making him one of the most versatile acts around!

"His music is solid, his vocal range is more than adequate for the range of artists he has chosen to cover, and his selection is vast - what more could you desire in one singer?"

Chris Moore, Fusco-Moore Productions

What's more, if you should have a song request that doesn't fall within the norm - all that's required is just two weeks notice and the song can be learnt for you*

"One Heart consistently demonstrates a mastery and faithfulness to the original studio recordings of the songs he performs."

Chris Moore, Fusco-Moore Productions

All in all you couldn't ask for a more professional and versatile act - and with the use of radio (wireless) equipment, and varied lighting also, the performance not only sounds the part - but looks it too!

* Within reason - there are some songs just simply beyond the range of a male vocalist!


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